Kingdom of Blazdonia

Welcome to Blazdonia – The Future of Countries

Are you ready for a new era of nation-building founded on the values of justice, liberty, self-determination, and expression? Blazdonia is the place where you can join a broad spectrum of ventures, engage in exciting elections, and be part of a thriving community that welcomes members from all around the world.

Our Mission: Building a Legitimate and Recognized Country

At Blazdonia, we're not just another aspirant nation—we have a compelling reason for having an existing and thriving society. Our goal is to become a legitimate country that is recognized by other governments and major international organizations.

We're a Startup Society.


Contrary to "simply another nation," we're a startup society!

Join the Movement: Become a Citizen of Blazdonia

As a citizen of Blazdonia, you'll have access to many opportunities to contribute to our nation's development. Fill out an application for citizenship and refer your friends to become citizens too!

What Sets Blazdonia Apart: A Network-State

Unlike other nations, Blazdonia is not simply a self-declared sovereign state without a legal basis for its existence. We are a network-state internally that is committed to building a real country that operates with justice, liberty, growth, and equality for all.

Learn More About Blazdonia

Check out our Key Resources section for more information, you can also read about Blazdonia's secessionist ideals and our plans to become a real country. 

The Kingdom of Blazdonia is...

A place brimming with initiatives and adventures.

We're working hard to achieve this by following a four-step plan:

Here's the four-quadrant plan for the roadmap to create a network-state from what Blazdonia currently is:

**Quadrant 1: Goals/Outcomes**

- Develop and promote a progressive, inclusive, and sustainable network-state that attracts a diverse and engaged citizen base.
- Establish strategic partnerships to support growth and development.
- Build trust and credibility in the global community.

**Quadrant 2: Strategies/Actions**

- Leverage digital platforms, strategic partnerships, and targeted messaging to showcase the benefits of being a Blazdonian citizen.
- Develop a visually engaging and informative website that highlights Blazdonia's vision, values, and benefits.
- Publish blog posts, articles, and op-eds discussing the advantages of Blazdonia's governance model.
- Create educational and promotional videos to explain the concept of a network-state and showcase the Blazdonian lifestyle.
- Host webinars, virtual events, and live Q&A sessions with Blazdonia's founders and leaders.
- Develop press releases and media kits to showcase Blazdonia's achievements, milestones, and key initiatives.
- Engage with influencers, journalists, and thought leaders in the fields of technology, governance, and sustainability.
- Establish collaborations with like-minded organizations, institutions, and communities to co-create initiatives that align with Blazdonia's values.
- Engage with global conferences, events, and forums to showcase Blazdonia's unique offerings and attract potential citizens.
- Create exchange programs with universities, incubators, and research institutions to attract talent and foster innovation.

**Quadrant 3: Measurements/Assessments**

- Monitor website traffic, engagement, and conversions.

- Track social media growth, engagement, and sentiment.

- Analyze media coverage and influencer mentions.

- Measure the success of strategic partnerships and collaborations.

**Quadrant 4: Resources**

- Funding for website development and maintenance, social media marketing, content creation, and event hosting.

- Personnel for website development and maintenance, social media management, content creation, and event hosting.

- Partnerships and collaborations with like-minded organizations, institutions, and communities.