Who we are

Who we are as a nation.

The Flag

The Blazdonian Flag represents equality in a diverse world. The blues signify the sky and the sea, and they reflect the properties of air and water. The lush green signifies the land citizens live on and our environmental stewardship. The phoenix (the coat of arms) is a symbol of residents' humility, vigor, and determination. 

The Coat of Arms

The phoenix in the coat of arms is a symbol of residents' humility, vigor, and determination. The gold ring signifies prosperity and longevity.


The Blazdonian dollar is the currency unit of the Kingdom of Blazdonia. The currency was issued by the Royal Bank. The Royal Bank sought out an individual to design the banknotes, which was the Duchess of Apisia. The plural is the common form of "dollars."

The existing banknotes have denominations of 5, 10, 50, 100, and 1000 dollars. The alphabetical symbol for the Blazdonian dollar is BDD, and the character is the ฿ symbol.


A few months before the first anniversary of the nation, the monarch wished to issue the Blazdonian currency in a physical form. His Majesty outsourced the work and designing to a fellow member of the MCA, the duchess of the Duchy of Apisia. The two then collaborated on the design techniques that would later be used on the original and currently the only design of the banknotes.

States and Territories

Rankin-Rankin has a wide cultural diversity.

Hiseville - Hiseville is known for its music

Kewanna - Kewanna is known for its influence in art (visual art)

Platte City - Platte City is best known as the state of agriculture

Salt Point City - Salt Point City is known as "the business state"



Salt Point City


Platte City


The King

His Majesty, Kevin I

Prime Minister

The Hon, Isaiah Dallas


The Rt Hon, Tina Rogers