About us

What is Blazdonia's goal?

Well, the goal for Blazdonia as a new country is to provide everything better.

The 195 official countries that currently exist have one thing in common: it's that they're too slow. It takes years and decades to get things done—just to get a court decision, the wait could sometimes take a decade! It's the same reason people have startup companies and businesses—because the big guys are too bureaucratic. And some of the 195 official countries just don't make a whole lotta sense! Someone created their borders using pen and paper years ago and the people are stuck inside.

Here are the problems with the countries everyone knows to this day;

-they're not innovative enough
-they're too militaristic
-they're frozen in time
- they're built for 1945, not the current year(s)

So, we need new countries, like Blazdonia, that are built for the internet era.
I want all who are reading to focus and use their imagination for a bit.

To build a new country today (like Blazdonia), you don't need land and territorial claim. You just need THE INTERNET!

1. Start with an idea, which is Blazdonia.

The ideas within Blazdonia are powerful enough to become a recognized country, we have a mission that people can stand behind with our own flag, passport, and anthem.

2. Find people online, like what we're doing with Discord.

We're an online community that believes in the idea behind Blazdonia.
The kind of online community that can build a network state is it's a lot deeper than your Game of Thrones or videogame community.
This is not a casual thing, this is a key piece of your identity.
This is something that you genuinely believe in. These people here that I, and the Blazdonian government and all involved, trust enough that we'd want to exist with them and sacrifice with them.

3. Go offline.

In the end, we'll have Blazdonians meet offline and build trust.
Trust that is so deep that you're willing to sacrifice for one another!

4. Get land. (Here it comes!)

Now, our online citizens can buy land together! like apartments, buildings, farmlands, or even small towns all around the world!

Think about Hawaii. It's about 2,000 miles away from the mainland United States.
But, the people in Hawaii think of themselves as a part of the same country and as fellow Americans of the U.S.

In the same way, you could have a piece of a network state (Blazdonia) that's miles away from another - but the people still think of themselves as part of the same entity. They're in the same digital community even if they're far apart in a physical sense.

5. Count the citizens.

How much money do they have? How many are there? Where do they live? What they own and possess.

With enough time, the online citizens will grow and grow and grow!
And before you know it, Blazdonia could have a MILLION citizens, with BILLIONS of dollars from all around the world.

Once we have enough people and land, we'll be taken more seriously as a country.
And when we get this big, it's time for the last step...

6. Gain proper diplomatic recognition.

We'll go to one of the existing 195 countries and convince them to acknowledge and recognize our people, our passport, and our flag, all as part of a REAL country!

The big countries will not recognize us, but the small ones will!
Because they can trade with us and learn from our people.

Countries copy each other, and more and more will recognize us.

This is a continuous process. Once you realize it won't happen overnight, that's fine. You get the first, then we work on it more and we get 2, 3, 4, 5 and there's a cascading process where the more countries that recognize us, the more will recognize us. The more we can grow.

Our new country will be so much better! It will have a better constitution, better politicians, better laws, and better EVERYTHING!

So you can have technological innovation, cultural innovation, and moral innovation.

The change that YOU want to see can be ours if we can get enough people online to agree with us and crowdfund the territory offline.

The idea sounds stupid and crazy to many. But, BUT, theoretically, IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE!

We've started billion-dollar companies and trillion-dollar currencies. Let's start a MILLION person country from scratch!

The countries we live in today are just ideas. But these ideas can be so much better, faster, and smarter!

Sometimes, starting from scratch is a must to build a better country.